Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides

Fees and charges

Just as citizens of a municipality pay certain permit fees, the fee for processing applications by the Ctgb must be paid by the applicants. This is done on the basis of cost; the Ctgb is a not-for-profit organisation.

As a rate controlled semi-autonomous agency, the Ctgb must ensure that its operations are cost-effective.

The fees and charges are redetermined each year and are published in the Tariffs Decree

The fees for different types of applications for authorisation differ greatly and depend on the amount of time required to assess the application. In addition, the authorisation holders pay an annual fee for registration.

Fees and charges for biocidal products

The fees and charges for an application for authorisation of a biocidal product depend on the status of the active substances in Europe and the specific type of application. Applications under transitional legislation are subject to the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. For applications under the Regulation, fees and charges must often be paid to ECHA as well. Consequently, the fees and charges are subject to both the Ctgb Tariffs Decree and the Implementing Regulation of ECHA.

Service desk

Activities related to service desk requests, that require more than 4 hours, are invoiced. In addition, fees are charged for policy consultations, which are invoiced to the ministries that are involved with the specific policies.

Direct debit payment of invoices

As of 1 March 2014, it is possible to arrange direct debit payment of your Ctgb invoices. This payment uses the European successor to the national direct debit system: Euro direct debit (Euro-incasso).

By arranging direct debit payment of your invoices, you no longer have to worry about timely payment, and we reduce your administrative burden. You still maintain control of your own bank account, and you can cancel direct debits beforehand or reverse the payment afterwards.

If you would like to pay your Ctgb invoices using European direct debit (Euro-incasso), please contact the Finance & Control department We will then go through the procedural steps with you and prepare the necessary contracts.