Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides

Due to circumstances of greater workload our handling time for questions is temporarily longer than usual. We expect to respond to your message within 8 work days.

Service Desk

What types of questions can  be answered by the Ctgb Service Desk?

The Ctgb Service Desk answers questions from businesses, users, user organisations and private citizens about the authorisation of plant protection products and biocidal products, the instructions for their use and the active substances in such products. The Service Desk is available to help applicants when they submit an application for a new authorisation or an expansion of an existing authorisation in order to provide the best possible information regarding the application procedure, the dossier requirements, the expected costs and related matters.
The Service Desk can inform you about the procedures used by the Ctgb to assess dossiers, so you can prepare your dossier correctly. The Service Desk does not answer any questions concerning the actual assessment of the dossier (or a part thereof) or about its completeness.

If you are not an applicant or have other types of questions, please refer to our contact page and relevant sources of information.

The answer to a Service Desk question is compiled with the greatest care based on the data you provide and on our knowledge and experience. The answer reflects the opinion of the Ctgb. The information and recommendations provided by the Service Desk are intended to support your preparations, but are not legally binding.


For applicants and authorisation holders, costs may be associated with questions that are answered by the Service Desk. Please check our online information first. General information about various aspects of the application process is available on the website. Answering more specific questions requires payment; see our fees in the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. If answering your question involves a fee, you will be asked for your permission in advance. As a result, you will not be faced with unexpected costs. Generally speaking, the Service Desk does not charge for questions of a general nature and for information provided to private citizens. Exceptions are possible, but these will always be explained in advance.

Contact the Service Desk

The Ctgb Service Desk can be contacted on workdays from 09.00 until 17.00 h:
by telephone on 031 0(317) – 471 810; preferably fill in the Service Desk request form first.

What happens with your question?

General questions and relatively simple questions can be asked by phone, or by e-mail by filling in the Service Desk request form. If a question is complex, or if more time is required to answer the question, the Service Desk will ask you to fill in the e-mail request form. Questions that cannot be answered directly by the Service Desk will be registered and forwarded to a Ctgb officer with specialised expertise. This expert will answer the question, after which you will be informed by the Service Desk. If answering your question entails a fee, then we will send you a confirmation of receipt with a specification of the costs. If you accept these costs, then the Ctgb will process your question.
The Service Desk determines the relevant fee category based on a diagnosis of the question. If your question falls outside our field of expertise and legal competence, then we will refer you to a different organisation. See the summary with links to organisations that are active in related areas of policy.