Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides

Basic substances

Authorised basic substances

A basic substance is an active substance which:
  • is not a substance of concern; and
  • does not have an inherent capacity to cause endocrine disrupting, neurotoxic or immunotoxic effects; and
  • is not predominantly used for plant protection purposes but nevertheless is useful in plant protection either directly or in a product consisting of the substance and a simple diluent; and
  • is not placed on the market as a plant protection product.

A foodstuff shall be considered as a basic substance.

Criteria for basic substances

  • Basic substance is already evaluated in accordance with other Community legislation (food, cosmetic, commodity chemical).
  • Basic substance has neither an immediate or delayed harmful effect on human and animal health nor an unacceptable effect on the environment.


An application can be made by any interested part, including member states themselves. An application can be made according to the guidance document on Basic substances, template listed in Annex I.


An authorisation as Basic substances is granted by the Commission after a scientific evaluation by EFSA and after consulting all Member States. The entire procedure will take approximately one year. An authorisation has no expiration data (unlimited time) and has no data protection.

More information

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